Misc Drawings

Event Horizon

Starry Night 2.0

Detail of Starry Night 2.0

Starry Night 4.2

Detail of Starry Night 4.2

Starry Night Expansion

Detail of Starry Night Expansion

Starry Night Red Sky

Detail of Starry Night Red Sky

Singularity 1.2

Happy Singularity

A simple War machine

Detail of a simple War machine

Green Fueled Vortex of Consumption

Detail of Green Fueled Vortex of Consumption

Green Orgy chinese

Detail of Green Orgy chinese

Green Storm

Green Orgy 1.0

Detail of Green Orgy 1.0

Reality Clash 1.3

Reality Clash 2.2

Reality Clash 3.1

Detail of Reality Clash 5

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