Tactical Distortion

Tactical Distortion

text by Jonmarc Edwards

These prints begin with the simplest of means, a sketchbook. Jason builds on these sketches with the aid of a computer, incorporating his construction experience with the freedom to rely on his intuition. Using a process that transforms the vector (mathematical) language into a pixilation format Jason distorts his drawings revealing the underlying nature and beauty of his selected three-dimensional objects into a realm of density, detail and cosmic resolution. The macroscopic artworks become an imbedded personal narrative with a beginning (the inspiring object), middle (the compositional tool & layering) and end (the presentation). Colorful and highly evolved, the collection of metal and Inkjet prints express the tangent between idea and concrete form.

  • Type Drawings

Dear in the Headlights

detail of Dear in the Headlights

Dear in the Headlights- print on aluminum

Evolution 1.2

detail of Evolution 1.2

Transforming Spiral

detail of Transforming Spiral

A Sunrise for Elery

detail of A sunrise for Elery

Erosion Spiral

Rising Sun

No One gets out

LaLa Love

Atomic Landscape

Variety Pack 1.3

detail of Variety Pack 1.3


Acid Rain

Variety Pack 2

Romeo and Juliet

Silent Scream

Variety Pack 3

detail of Variety Pack 3

Evolution 1.3

detail of Evolution 1.3

The Temple

Variety Pack 4

detail of Variety Pack 4

Ode to Wilbur


detail of Peepshow

Dear in the Headlights 2.0

detail of Dear in the Headlights 2.0


detail of Desintegrate

Acid Collage

Desintegrate 2

detail of Desintegrate 2



detail of Delusion

Dear in the Headlights 2.2

detail of Dear in the Headlights 2.2

I Rational

Blue Dear


Pretty Colors

detail of Pretty Colors

Delusion 3

detail of Delusion 3

Dear in the Dark

detail of Dear in the Dark